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I'm wondering should I do another wedding post???

Ami-Rose and Jared’s Wedding


Photo by Kristina Kroete

Photo by Kristina Kroete

The last pictures of their wedding.

Just a few more…

Just some more long awaited pictures of Kate and Jacob’s wedding.

Photos by Black Garden
Photo from Steampunk Couture
Rebeca Saray Photography
Photo By Pixie Vision Photography
Photo By Ginaroma
Photo by Heiko Warnke
From Bibian Blue’s steampunk collection
Steampunk wedding- Kate and Jacob,Kate:
“Jacob and I are both artists. When we started sketching out ideas for the wedding, we knew we wanted our guests to feel like they were in another world. That being said, we also needed the wedding to be everything that is truly “us.” After a few months of brainstorming with our designer, Tricia Fountaine, Jacob said “It’s like a steampunk Zeppelin crash-landed in a fairy forest.” It became clear that Steampunk was the perfect avenue to create an elegant, fantastical and imaginative wedding. Steampunk merges the idea of Victorian art and fashion with a science fiction flare. Ray-guns and cowboys, Steam Engines and Airships, Gibson Girl and Princess Leia.”
Clockwork Couture